Membership Info

Membership Information
Our club is a “Members Only by Invitation” privately owned and operated Ohio Limited Liability Company. First and foremost, you should know that an above average desire to learn far outweighs any experience in investing.  So if you are new to all this, don’t be afraid to join.  It takes investors of all levels, working together, to create the best learning environment

By pooling our funds, the club is able to diversify its holdings more easily than an individual investing on his or her own. And by pooling our talents, the task of researching opportunities can be split up among club partners, reducing the individual workloads for the benefit of all.

Our goal is to grow our Club with the same care and scrutiny as we grow our portfolio. We will identify prospective Members who will be compatible and able to function as a team. A prospective Member must be invited by a current Member in good standing, and that Member must feel comfortable vouching for the prospect’s ability to fit in.

Additional members may be admitted at any time upon the majority approval of the members so long as the number of members does not exceed the designated maximum.

The prospective Member will be invited to attend one of our meetings. If the individual shows an interest in joining the Club, he or she will be given an Application and a copy of our Operating Agreement which can be reviewed online. A pre-entry orientation meeting will be scheduled for the applicant, where additional information will be provided. The completed application will be circulated to all Members for review.

The applicant may attend up to 4 meetings to determine whether or not he or she would like to join. However, every applicant must attend at least 2 meetings before being considered. The applicant will be interviewed prior to a vote of induction.

An informal (yet valid) vote may occur by an email poll, and the results will be shared with the applicant and confirmed during the New Business Segment of the following meeting. The vote will pass by a majority vote.

A new Member, who works for any branch of the government, a brokerage, or any other business that would create a conflict, or whose spouse or other family members work for an entity that would create a conflict, is responsible for clearing their pending Member status prior to a vote of their acceptance into the Club  The LLC, nor its Members, will not be bound by, abide by, nor will it’s normal operations be influenced by, rules or regulations bestowed upon a single Member.

Members are encouraged to invite guests to the monthly meetings. However, it is appropriate to inform the host prior to the meeting. This can be handled with a phone call to Greg at 474-6600 or email at a couple of days before the meeting.

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