Business is like Gardening

What is Wealth?

When you approach prospective clients, do you think (perhaps subconsciously): “I want to take the money that is in his/her pocket and put it in mine as quickly as possible?”

It’s easy to think of wealth as something static – a scarce resource that we have to fight for.

I prefer to define it in a different way. Wealth, in my opinion, is the representation of human effort applied in the service of others.

Grow Your Money

I believe that wealth can be grown. We create wealth whenever we provide something valuable enough for others to pay for. So, the solution for a struggling economy is for everyone to increase their efforts in providing value for others (as opposed to shuffling money around).

To build a successful business, we can’t expect instant results. We have to grow it before we can harvest the fruit. We can grow it in a couple ways:

  1. Find ways to improve the product or service that you offer.
  2. Grow your business relationships and improve the quality of your interactions

Meet Others’ Needs

When you meet prospective clients, before you think “How can I get him/her to buy what I have to offer?” instead ask, “What does this person need right now, and is there a way I can provide that?

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