About the Club

Our club is a privately owned and operated Ohio Limited Liability Company. We are dedicated to educating and developing good saving and investment habits and simultaneously assisting worthy entrepreneurs, real estate investors and small business owners in creating and growing their businesses. Our club offers Micro-Lending to members and non-members.

First and foremost, you should know that an above average desire to learn far outweighs any experience in investing.  So if you are new to all this, don’t be afraid to join.  It takes investors of all levels, working together, to create the best learning environment.

By pooling our funds, the club is able to diversify its holdings more easily than an individual investing on his or her own. And by pooling our talents, the task of researching opportunities can be split up among club partners, reducing the individual workloads for the benefit of all.

The general strategy of the Club is – one half of all funds contributed for investing be used to purchase “traditional” investments while the remainder half is used to loan or invest in “entrepreneurial” businesses such as real estate, start-ups and the like.

While we enjoy ourselves, we make sure to conduct our affairs in a friendly, mutually respectful, and business-like manner.  Members contribute a small amount every month, and we operate on a one-member, one-vote agenda.  Therefore, everyone has an equal say in the club’s investment decisions.

If interested in learning more about our club ask the person who invited you to share the New Members Operating Agreement and Application. If you have questions please contact Greg Noe, President by phone at 513-474-6600 or by email to info@wealthbuildersinvestmentclub.com. Happy Investing!



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